Top Seven iPad Apps for People With Dementia

People with dementia often find it difficult to access or use new forms of technology

Touchscreen devices such as iPads are changing this, as they are tactile, versatile and very simple to use and the apps make it easy to play accessible games, which help memory and interaction.

There is no end of great content which can be accessed using an iPad and all it takes is the touch of a screen. In this way, they are suitable for use even for those with advanced dementia, as the interaction is designed to be straightforward at all times

iPads can be used for all manner of activities such as games, apps, accessing websites and playing music and videos through websites such as YouTube

Here are some of our favourite apps for use with people with dementia

Talking Tom 2

You can talk to Tom and he repeats what you say in his own hilarious voice. You can also  stroke him, poke him, challenge him and earn gold coins in a mini-game. You can dress him in new outfits and play silly mini games. Great for a bit of fun, interaction and contact with a talking virtual pet. Talking Ginger is another similar alternative.

My Reef 3D

This app is great for residents who can interact with the fish, or just sit back and enjoy life on a beautiful reef. Featuring 14 types of vibrant tropical fish, MyReef 3D lite includes species-specific movement and interaction. You can individually select the inhabitants of your aquarium, and even annoy them by tapping on the “glass”. You can also knock on the front “glass” to annoy your fish
Care home residents have loved the realistic appearance of this app and because it’s very gentle and easy to use, it’s ideal for individuals with advanced dementia

Let’s Create! Pottery

With this app, you can touch the screen to make pottery but throwing clay on a virtual wheel. You can smooth the sides of the pots by dragging your finger across the screen and create a collection of pots of different shapes and sizes. This app creates a relaxing, therapeutic experience for individuals with dementia, particularly those who have creative interests


YouTube is an enormous collection of short videos which can be easily searched for and played. Everything from film clips to old news reels to pieces of music can be found on YouTube and this allows participants to request what they would like to see. In all of our sessions using YouTube in reminiscence sessions, only once have we not been able to fulfil a participant’s request. Because many people living in care homes have no concept of how easy it is to once again see their favourite films or hear their favourite music, every time we use this app in an activity session it yields great results


Augment is an app which builds a 3D object, animal or person and, using the iPad camera, puts it in the room so that if you look at the screen (or the projector screen if the iPad is plugged in to it), you see everything just as it was before but there is a new object in the room. It also locks it to a particular position so even if you move the iPad, it still seems to be there. Using what they know about the participants, Alive! presenters can choose objects which would be most appropriate for the session. For example, in one session Bob*, a former pig farmer, was amazed to see an image of a pig which looked exactly as though it was there in the room with him!


One of the best things about iPad apps is that they can play a part in bringing back activities which participants have missed from years gone by. FlowerGarden allows you to pick virtual seeds, plant them, water them and watch them grow. This is especially significant for participants who used to enjoy growing plants and are missing their former gardens. iPads are able to provide activities which replicate things which mean a great deal to older people


The MindMate App is not your ordinary Alzheimer’s or Dementia App. MindMate is like a friend and guardian angel – Always ready to help and always happy to entertain. It has a games section focussing on Attention, Memory, Speed and Problem Solving, a Life section, which helps medical staff and carers know more about the dementia sufferer, reminders to brush your teeth etc and exercise and nutritional advice. And it’s free 

Games Section

The MindMate-App provides 8 fun and interactive Games to stimulate user’s cognitive abilities based on world-leading research and in consultation with University of Glasgow’s Geriatric medicine department.Another great thing: The users are able to track the progress in the four different sections: Attention, Memory, Speed and Problem Solving.

As a result, the individual living with Dementia will find an engaging and interactive way to stimulate brain activities.

My Life Section 

Let people access all the personal information they need in our “Getting to know me” section. This is especially helpful, when a person with dementia has to leave their home and go to an hospital or care home. Aim: Help the carer or GP understand who the person is.

Furthermore, MindMate provides access to all the latest research about dementia, interesting blog posts and a lot more. All these features can be found in the Learn More Section of our Dementia app.

Tools Section

For those users who already live with an early stage of any form of dementia, the MindMate-App provides a unique everyday-tools package. This package contains list-making applications, a “My Story” timeline tool, and helpful, customisable reminders to shower, eat, brush teeth, take pills and a lot more. MindMate’s aim: Helping individuals to stay independent as long as possible!And even better: These tools can be very useful tools for family carers to make the caring process easier. And we know from a personal experience that caring for an individual with Dementia such as Alzheimer’s can be a second full-time job.

My Wellbeing Section 

The MindMate-App also provides physical exercises and nutrition advice for a healthier lifestyle to stay mentally as well as physically fit. And brand-new: We now have MUSIC in our Alzheimer’s app. Listen & dance together with your loved-one to classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  

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