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What benefits can you claim over 60?

21 Jan 16

Many older people in the UK are unaware that they are entitled to receive cash benefits…

How to get a free boiler for pensioners

16 Jan 15

Who is eligible for a free boiler? If your older relative owns their own home or…

Top tips for filling out an attendance allowance form

17 Dec 15

Attendance allowance is granted to those people over 65 who require personal care assistance. The form…

Care home fees and protecting your parent’s home

14 Apr 15

Leaving a financial legacy to children, or to a charity is a common wish for many…

How to close your parent’s bank account

31 Dec 16

The steps you need to take to close your bank account vary depending on where you bank and what type of account you have. There are also certain things to think about before you go ahead. Use our plan to make sure that you haven’t overlooked anything.

Calculate cost of elderly parent care

15 Nov 16

Paying for care can be a minefield, so we are here to help you calculate what…

Looking after Mother-in-Law’s Finances

31 Oct 16

David King writes about handling his mother-in-law’s finances I have been officially appointed as the “Financial…

What are the rules for gifting assets?

23 Aug 16

It can be tempting to consider gifting assets to avoid paying for care, but beware of…

Debt in retirement

25 Jul 16

Carrying forward debt into retirement is a dilemma which many people face. At a time in…

Top tips to avoid investment scams

14 Jul 16

Investment scams are on the rise, especially amongst older people. Research from The Financial Conduct Authority…

Top tips to make care budget go further

09 Jun 16

Care is expensive, but there are ways in which you can make your care budget go…

What are the new rules for tax on dividends?

31 May 16

New rules on tax on dividends came out on 6th April 2016, changing the way this…

The essential guide to legal planning for older people

17 May 16

There are a number of key legal documents, which are essential for you and your older…

Do I need to pay tax on my savings?

10 May 16

Have you received a letter from your bank or building society advising they will no longer…

Essential guide to financial planning for older people

05 May 16

People are living longer, but unfortunately, many live for longer in ill-health as well. Whether you…

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