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How To Combat Probate and Power of Attorney Fraud

26 Feb 18

According to a recent report by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), the cost...

How to manage probate process

15 Nov 17

What is probate? A Grant of Probate is an order of the Court, giving one or...

What are Living Wills?

28 Aug 18

What are living wills, now known as advance decisions?    An advance decision is a statement...

FAQs About Arranging Funerals

04 Feb 18

We answer some of the key questions about funerals What should I do if a relative...

Why you should agree Power of Attorney with older relatives

22 Jun 17

The benefits of making a will are well known to members of the public, as it...

Top tips to help a bereaved parent live alone

20 May 17

When your ageing parent is bereaved, whether their partner’s death was sudden, or prolonged, it takes...

Fear of Arranging a Funeral

24 Feb 17

Is someone you love about to die? If you have ever been in a position where...

Creating a fulfilling life after loss

20 Feb 17

Few events in life are as painful as the death of your partner, but you can learn...

Looking after Mother-in-Law’s Finances

31 Oct 16

David King writes about handling his mother-in-law’s finances I have been officially appointed as the “Financial...

Jargon-free A-Z of elderly care terminology

15 Jul 16

When your parents age and you have to start dealing with the problem associated with old...

Get the best legal advice with free home consultation

24 Nov 15

Collective Legal Solutions are a 5 star rated legal services provider (see client reviews on Trustpilot...

Get legal help now with free home consultation

26 Oct 15 has partnered with Collective Legal Solutions to provide their audience with access to information and...

Top practical tips for remarriage and civil partnerships

06 Oct 15

More and more people are getting married after a divorce or bereavement, which is very exciting, but it...

Importance of planning ahead to pay for care

04 Aug 15

Research from The Live-in Homecare Information Hub has found that people are not aware of the...

Power of attorney is changing

01 Jul 15

Lasting power of attorney (LPA) forms are changing on Wednesday 1 July, 2015. On Wednesday 1...

Essential guide to the new Care Act

02 Jun 15

The new Care Act 2014 is mainly concerned with adults and their adult carers and the...

Is your Will fully up-to-date?

19 May 15

Many of us have heard of or experienced firsthand the emotional rollercoaster of being plunged into...

Power of Attorney in Scotland

16 May 15

Even your spouse or best friend can’t help you legally without Power of Attorney in Scotland...

Legal Aid in Scotland

23 Apr 15

Legal aid is still generous to Scottish Pensioners   – please use it! Despite cuts legal aid...

How to plan a funeral

05 Mar 15

Arranging a funeral Because most people tend to avoid the subject of death and funerals, they...

8 tips for retiring abroad

22 Jan 15

For many, retiring to settle down in a place with warmer weather, different scenery and a change...

Older People Must Keep Vital Documents Safe

19 Jan 15

Keeping the ‘important stuff’ safe Vital documents such as birth and marriage certificates, wills, lasting power...

Relocation benefits for isolated older people

11 Dec 14

Our homes are more than just bricks and mortar: they are places that we invest copious...

How to help bereaved

02 Dec 14

How can you help someone who is bereaved? Spend time with the bereaved person they need to...

What should you know about Funeral Etiquette

11 Nov 14

Here is our guide to some of the most common queries that people have about funerals...

New processes for bereavement and tax

21 Oct 14

There can be a mountain of paperwork to deal with after a bereavement, and everyday matters...

Why you should ask your parent to write a will

03 Oct 14

There are a number of important reasons to ask your parent to write a will. Two...

Wills: why your older parent should make one?

03 Jul 14

It is critically important to ask you ageing parent to write a will for a number...

How to arrange a funeral

21 Jun 14

Firstly, you will need to contact a funeral firm  The Funeral Director at the firm will...

Tell Us Once Service helps bereaved

12 Jun 14

The idea behind Tell Us Once is simple. One notification of the death for all the...


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