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Top tips to avoid investment scams

14 Jul 16

Investment scams are on the rise, especially amongst older people. Research from The Financial Conduct Authority...

Investment bonds to pay for long-term elderly care

20 Mar 15

Investment bonds are not considered the best option to pay for your long-term care. There is no guarantee that the return from your investment will meet your care costs and you have to tie up your money for a long time. However, in some circumstances they can be helpful. Read on to find out more and consider the pros and cons.

Financial help from grandparents

20 Jan 17

A grandparent wants to be as involved in the lives of their grandchildren as possible. From...

Ten key questions you must ask your older parents

25 Nov 16

As our parents age, yet remain in good health, it’s easy to avoid having the conversations...

Debt in retirement

25 Jul 16

Carrying forward debt into retirement is a dilemma which many people face. At a time in...

Essential guide to financial planning for older people

05 May 16

People are living longer, but unfortunately, many live for longer in ill-health as well. Whether you...

Dos and don’ts of using gift aid

02 Feb 16

If you pay tax, using gift aid when you donate money to a charity is a...

Self-funding long-term care

28 Jan 16

Few of us can afford to pay the high cost of long-term care out of our...

Using lifetime mortgage to pay for elderly long-term care

18 May 15

If you’re over 60, a homeowner and you need to finance your long-term care, then a lifetime mortgage might be a suitable way for you to release some of the money tied up in your property. Take care though – these schemes don’t offer the best value for money, so they tend to be regarded as a last resort for homeowners.

Managing the New Pension Flexibility

21 Apr 15

Changes introduced from 6 April 2015 allow people the flexibility to access their pension savings more...

Financial advice on funding elderly long-term care

17 Apr 15

We all need a little unbiased, expert advice from time to time, and there’s no more important time than when you’re working out how to pay for long-term care – for yourself or a loved one. Read on to find out what an independent care-fees adviser can do for you, how they are paid and how to go about choosing one that’s right for you.

Practical steps to consider for funding elderly care

25 Mar 15

Trying to make sensible decisions about how to fund care is very difficult, especially when you...

Supporting Grown Children Affects Savings

18 Mar 15

Parents across the United Kingdom are having to use their savings to financially support their grown...

Diagnosing and treating dementia

19 Feb 15

Although dementia is a relatively common disease, it is not an inevitable part of growing old....

“Go Green” with Your Older Loved Ones

Many environmental endeavours to ‘go green’ are aimed at families and younger individuals, but in a...

Overview of Elderly Care Fees

29 Jan 15

Care fees and funding is a very complex and confusing area. You and your parent may...

The Complete Guide to Retirement Planning

13 Jan 15

Planning for your retirement is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, Follow our...

New Year Tax Changes for Older People

06 Jan 15

Here are some of the key tax changes for 2015 The Personal Allowance (PA), the amount...

Top ten facts about Pensioner Bonds

30 Dec 14

Have you heard of Pensioner Bonds? No, they’re nothing do to with Roger Moore or Sean...

Beware Pension Scams

16 Sep 14

Pension scams are on the increase in the UK. ‘One-off pension investments’, ‘pension loans’ or upfront...

Care funding assessments for elderly: Capital

11 Sep 14

Assessment of Capital for the Elderly Most forms of capital and savings are assessable and will...

What’s new in savings for older people?

26 Aug 14

Here’s a round up of the latest developments in savings options Premium bonds – The cap...

Downsizing to fund elderly parent’s long-term care

21 Aug 14

You need to find a way of self-financing your long-term care and you own a home that’s larger than you need. Could the answer be staring you in the face?

What are immediate need care fee payment plans?

20 Aug 14

If you need a regular income to pay for care at home or in a care home, an immediate need care fee payment plan, or immediate care annuity as they’re also known, could be the answer.

Elderly at risk from scams

16 Aug 14

Older people can present an attractive target for scammers and fraudsters Some older people are isolated and...

Pros and Cons of home reversion plans for older people

31 Jul 14

If you’re over 65, own your home and need to fund your long-term care, you may...

Elderly person’s quick guide to tax

20 Jul 14

Tax can be very confusing, so here’s quick guide to help you help your elderly parent through the tax minefield:...

Deciding who pays for elderly care

11 Jul 14

There are several options for paying for elderly care Full funding: NHS will fully fund care,...

What is Immediate Care Annuity?

06 Jul 14

Purchasing an Immediate Care Annuity basically means giving some amount of your or your older parent’s capital to...

Bowel Cancer Research Charity

01 Jul 14

We’re just beginning to understand how important our guts are to our overall wellbeing as individuals....


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