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Dangers of dehydration in older people

12 Apr 16

Adequate fluid is essential to allow the body to sweat to regulate temperature, maintain good levels...

What are Living Wills?

28 Aug 18

What are living wills, now known as advance decisions?    An advance decision is a statement...

Top tips to keep older people cool in heat

30 Jul 18

It’s been a long winter, but, but now we’ve hit the hot weather and this can...

How to prevent elderly anorexia

19 Jul 18

What is elderly anorexia? Anorexia is a medical term that means lack of appetite, but sometimes...

10 foods to keep you young

21 May 18

If you want to feel fitter and look younger, try putting some of these foods on...

Top ten healthy drinks for elderly

03 Apr 18

Often it can be difficult for elderly people to chew and swallow their food and if this is...

Top tips for healthy ageing

08 Jan 18

One of the main things to bear in mind is the vital importance to start ageing...

Top ten tips for ageing skin

27 Apr 17

How to make your skin look at its best 1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise, using products...

Gardening is good for older people

08 Mar 17

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for older people Garden beds, equipment and tools can all...

Science of ageing skin explained

21 Feb 17

The skin’s ageing process The main ageing process is not taking place in the top layers...

Great ideas to persuade older people to get some fresh air

30 Aug 16

Getting outside for some fresh air on a breezy spring day, or the in the warmer...

How to avoid incontinence in later life

12 May 16

Incontinence is not an inevitable part of ‘getting old’ and it is not something that necessarily...

Top ten tips to eating well with diabetes

26 Feb 16

It’s not always easy to eat well when you have diabetes, but here are our top...

How to spot quality of care problems in a care home

04 Feb 16

You’ve considered all the options, visited many care homes and finally found a place that you...

Causes of immobility and possible solutions

27 Nov 15

The human body, regardless of age, is designed for movement, but without an active lifestyle, our...

Christmas gift ideas to help your older parent 

26 Nov 15

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… so we thought it would be a good...

The causes of hair loss (alopecia) in men and women

24 Nov 15

Hair loss can happen to men and women and for a variety of reasons Male pattern...

Benefits of Osteopathy for older people

17 May 15

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions in...

Avoiding falls in the home

12 May 15

Most of us have probably heard the old adage “most accidents take place in the home”...

How to cater well for people in care homes

28 Apr 15

One of the most important factors that can affect the happiness of a care home is...

Optimum foods for elderly

06 Apr 15

Here are our top tips on the optimum foods for the elderly to eat to stay...

Changing habits to improve memory

22 Oct 14

According to a new book Use your brain to change your age by Dr Daniel G....

Top superfoods for older people

05 Sep 14

Here are our recommended top superfoods to keep older people fit and healthy Protein The body...

Top ten tips for better health for older people

08 Jul 14

How can we stay fit and well as we age? Drink and drink some more: It’s critical...


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