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Care funding assessments for elderly: Capital

11 Sep 14

Assessment of Capital for the Elderly Most forms of capital and savings are assessable and will...

Care funding assessments: Income

23 Feb 14

If a care recipient is deemed ineligible for NHS Continuing Care, the responsibility for ensuring the...

Carer Assessments explained

30 Apr 18

There is a completely separate assessment for the giver of the care called the carer assessment...

Care Funding, Direct Payments & Personal Budgets Explained

08 Feb 17

Care funding Once the person has been assessed, the local authority can charge for the services...

Self-funding long-term care

28 Jan 16

Few of us can afford to pay the high cost of long-term care out of our...

What are Community Care Assessments?

14 Apr 15

It may be getting to the stage when your parent or relative is finding it difficult...

Future of NHS Continuing Care Funding

22 Nov 13

What is continuing healthcare funding (CHC)? NHS continuing healthcare is a package of continuing care provided outside...

What is NHS Continuing Care and how do you qualify?

10 May 17

NHS continuing care is care that is arranged and funded by the NHS free of charge outside of...

Top tips to keep elderly parents in own home

23 Apr 15

Often at times of crisis, a decision is made to put an old person into a...

How to deal with elderly dementia

15 Sep 14

What is dementia? The word ‘dementia’ is used to describe a number of different conditions that affect the...

Driving Issues for Older People

28 May 18

As people age, their driving abilities inevitably change. However, by reducing risk factors and incorporating safe...

How to challenge Continuing Care decisions

17 Apr 17

Continuing  Healthcare can be defined as care provided over an extended period of time, to a...

Checklist for elderly moving into care accommodation

31 Mar 17

Moving from your home into care accommodation can be a stressful time, with lots of upheaval...

How to ensure best quality care for elderly

01 Feb 17

More and more frequently care homes and agencies are being held under a microscope by the...

Calculate cost of elderly parent care

15 Nov 16

Paying for care can be a minefield, so we are here to help you calculate what...

What are the rules for gifting assets?

23 Aug 16

It can be tempting to consider gifting assets to avoid paying for care, but beware of...

Jargon-free A-Z of elderly care terminology

15 Jul 16

When your parents age and you have to start dealing with the problem associated with old...

Story of personal journey as a carer

28 Jun 16

Everyone’s care journey is different. Here we explore the story of carer Sarah Bradshaw and her...

What does being a carer entail for you?

20 May 16

Are you a carer of a loved one, who is older, disabled or seriously ill?  Whether...

Why the Tide Is High for Equity Release Schemes

26 Apr 16

You may have heard various stories around the subject of equity release, but what do these...

Top tips for filling out an attendance allowance form

17 Dec 15

Attendance allowance is granted to those people over 65 who require personal care assistance. The form...

Five key problems facing carers and how to solve them

03 Dec 15

Being a carer for an older parent or relative can often be a tricky thing for families...

How to get the best from a care assessment

10 Nov 15

Prior to having a care assessment, it is important to prepare all the information you might...

Elderly care: the importance of an integrated approach

28 Oct 15

Older people often have complex, chronic conditions and there has been a significant shift in recent...

Supporting a parent with dementia

23 Sep 15

When a parent is diagnosed with dementia, the effects of the illness become all consuming. The...

Guide to social services for older people

20 Sep 15

There is a wide variety of social care services available, primarily there to support people in...

What are your employment obligations when taking on a carer?

05 Aug 15

There seems to be a general misconception that carers working in a private home can be...

Importance of planning ahead to pay for care

04 Aug 15

Research from The Live-in Homecare Information Hub has found that people are not aware of the...

The Benefits of Getting Specialist Care Advice

30 Jul 15

There will come a time for most families when it becomes clear that an elderly relative...


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