Home Entertainment for Elderly

Life can be lonely if your parent is on their own and at home for long periods of the day, but there are many things you can do to help them keep occupied in the form of home entertainment.


Music always cheers people, is good company and helps time

iPods are the most flexible way to enjoy music anywhere, so if your parent is not technologically-minded, why not present them with a ready loaded ipod. You can even load all of their CDs for them

A number of older people prefers CDs to iPods, or may want to access both

Many do not want complicated Hi Fi systems, so why not  look instead for lightweight CD players or radios, which take batteries and can be easily carried from room to room. That way they can enjoy their music in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom, without carrying anything heavy and without worrying about plugs and trailing wires


Films are a great way to while away an afternoon or evening

  • Buy: Old films, musicals and even films made only a couple of years ago are cheap to buy and keep for regular watching. Buy an easy-to-operate DVD player, which simply loads and plays, to make it easy for your elderly relative
  • Rent: A subscription to Lovefilm means that your parent can have a regular supply of DVDs of films and television shows delivered directly to their door and they can then watch them when they want and then post them back. If they don’t have an internet connection, they can ask you to order the films they want. You can put as many films as you want on the list, so that you can set it up and just review it occasionally
  • Libraries: These normally carry a good range of DVDs, which can be rented for a small charge
  • Charity shops: They are always worth a look, as they usually have a section on DVDs and even videos if your parent still has a VHS player
  • Watch on Sky: A Sky Movies subscription means that films, including very recently released films, are available on the TV with no need to buy or rent


Reading is always a pleasure and these days, it’s easier than ever to access a book:

  • The local library, where joining costs nothing and it can be a good reason to get out once a week to change books
  • The mobile library, which many councils still make available and provide internet access, as well as books to borrow
  • The book shop, where you can browse for as long as you like and normally get good recommendations
  • Amazon, where your parent can buy books online, or you can do it for them. Their selection of large print books may be  helpful if eyesight is fading
  • The Amazon Kindle, which is lightweight and has a choice of type sizes, which go to a very large size to facilitate easy reading for all . Once set up, your parent can order books for instant download from their own armchair (with wireless),  or you can create a list on your computer with them  and they can top up as required from your computer. Many classic  books are free for the Kindle
  • Audiobooks, which are a great option if sight is poor or for pure relaxation. There are thousands of titles to choose from and listen to over again. Many are available in CD form to purchase, or from local libraries They can be also downloaded onto iTunes for use on an iPod or iPad, or listened to on the computer  from www.audible.co.uk

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