Water exercise for elderly

Swimming and aqua aerobics are very popular forms of exercise, which can be done at any age

Aqua aerobics is comprised of aerobic exercises performed in shallow water, such as a swimming pool. It typically uses the water as resistance for exercises, which normally are done on land, such as jogging, or jumping jacks

Aqua aerobics allows the elderly to use water to work their hearts and to strengthen and tone their joints

It is great exercise for an ageing population, who are increasingly likely to have had back, knee and hip surgery

Post-operatively, it enables a speedy recovery allowing the water to embrace the body

Stamina increases with aqua aerobics and calories can be burnt more efficiently

The coast of the UK can be a little chilly for swimming, but trips away to warmer climates allow for the use of the sea for exercise and relaxation, which is an equally important combination

The Benefits of Water Aerobics for your ageing parent

  • Aqua aerobics can benefit the elderly by improving their muscular development and cardiovascular system
  • Since water buoyancy supports their weight, strain on their joints, back and torso is greatly reduced
  • Due to increased resistance under water, it burns a great deal of calories, up to 400-500 calories/an hour taking any excess body weight off
  • Long term aqua aerobics increase joint flexibility and lowers the risk of stress and anxiety
  • Water aerobics is the only exercise where you don’t sweat and can keep cool and comfortable

 Organising an aqua aerobic for older people

Before taking up aqua aerobics, your parent should consult their doctor, particularly if they have not been taking regular exercise

Certain medications and old injuries may not be conducive for water aerobics

Water aerobics need to be initiated by a trained coach to avoid possible injuries

Aqua aerobics improve the elderly’s fitness and helps them lose weight and get back into shape

Your ageing relatives can increase the effectiveness of non-impact aqua aerobics by using the aqua aerobics equipment, without the fear of hurting themselves

Contact your local sports centre for details of classes they run. Private health clubs also run aqua classes

Stella Nash can be contacted at info@tfcstudio1.com

The Fitness Consultancy founder and director Stella Nash has been involved in the health and fitness industry from an early age, having herself been a dancer, gymnast and athlete. Stella is a well-known and sought after instructor at a number of top London and Home Counties health clubs and she now has established Pilates and yoga studios within Watford,St Albans and Radlett. www.tfcstudio1.com


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