Top tips: caring for elderly from a distance

Caring from a distance isn’t easy, but here are some helpful tips to help you cope

    • Set up a weekly online food delivery for your parent. Talk to them about what they would like to order each week, or do it for them, depending on their situation. You can always include a bunch of flowers or chocolates as a surprise
    • Open a taxi account for your parent if they need to get out and cannot drive, or get public transport. Set the number up on speed dial on their phone, so they can book a taxi easily and not worry about paying
    • Set your parent up with a laptop or iPad if they can be persuaded to try one. Then you can email each other and talk via Skype. Watch our video about how to get your parent on-line

  • Set up Skype. It is easy to do and you can talk face-to–face with your parent, even if you cannot be physically there
  • Get them a care alarm, so that they have peace of mind if they fall or get into difficulties and you can be contacted quickly in an emergency
  • Help them to travel to you by arranging train travel, so they do not have to drive. You can book tickets online, which can be sent directly to your parent
  • All airlines offer special assistance for the elderly if organised in advance, including accompanying them through the airport and transporting them to and from the aircraft
  • Send photographs by email or post to keep them in touch with how everyone in your family is and what they are getting up to
  • If possible set up a visit rota with friends and family this can make sure there is some regular contact happening throughout the week
  • Get them to carry a mobile phone with them and add essential numbers, just in case
  • Make sure their GP has emergency numbers on their records
  • If you feel they are getting a bit isolated suggest some new activities such as joining U3A  or volunteering

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