Eat well to glow with health

Here are our top tips on how to eat well to glow with health.

  • Drink plenty of water. Your ageing parent needs 1 – 2 litres a day, depending on how active they are. When they are fully hydrated, they will notice a difference in their skin, eyes, energy levels and general wellbeing
  • Their fork is their best weapon against skin ageing!
  • Eating the right foods gives the skin the nutrients it needs to be healthier, smoother and dare we say it, less wrinkled!
    • A diet rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids will have great benefits for their skin and health.
    • Don’t forget protein, as this is the building block of our cells and we need it to keep our skin firm!
    • Try and encourage your elderly relative to eat some protein with each meal.
    • Our skin is often the last to get its ration of nutrients, so a good supplement regime will benefit your ageing parent
    • Food for thought – salmon, soya, olive oil, dark chocolate, blueberries, goji berries, pomegranate, seeds and nuts, turkey and broccoli are all anti-oxidant rich. Try to get you elderly parent to eat as many of them as you can as often as possible
    • Drinking antioxidant green tea or white tea is an excellent way of getting powerful antioxidant flavanoids into their system.
    • Eating good fats, like avocado, can help boost dry/mature skin by helping skin hold onto water. Evening primrose oil supplements can also boost this
    • Skin-friendly salmon can help firm skin with the powerful ingredient DMAE. This helps to tighten slack facial muscles if eaten regularly and also provides lots of Omega 3
    • A little piece of dark chocolate (the good stuff, i.e. over 70% cocoa solids) is excellent for your ageing parent. It is the highest source of magnesium and very high in antioxidants which helps prevent free radical cell damage. Research has also linked dark chocolate to lowering blood pressure
    • Try to encourage your older parent to enjoy their food and keep it varied. Eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables can provide some powerful nutrients and liven up their meal times

Better Health Equals Better Skin

I have tried to show you some of the foods your ageing parent should be eating, instead of concentrating on everything that they shouldn’t!

And remember, better health equals better skin.

If you start introducing some of the good foods into their life, your ageing parent will age beautifully with heaps of energy and beautiful, glowing skin


Julia is a leading holistic skin therapist who combines high tech treatments and skincare with an in depth knowledge of nutrition and natural therapies.

She draws upon her 15 years of experience and training to visibly improve her client’s skin conditions and believes in a preventative approach to anti-ageing. Julia’s philosophy is that “all skins can be measurably improved”.


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