Get help with PAYE and NI for paying your carer

myageingparent has partnered with Taxing Carers to help you manage your PAYE and National Insurance for your carers with minimal hassle.

There seems to be a general misconception that carers working in a private home can be self-employed. In most cases, carers should be treated as employees.  Employing a permanent or live in carer brings with it the same obligations as for any business taking on an employee. By law, therefore, in most cases, an employer will need to account for PAYE and National Insurance Contributions on the salary paid to a carer.

Under HMRC rules every Employer who pays an employee £112 per week or more has to calculate PAYE and submit the information online at the same time as the Employee gets paid. It is called Real Time Information (RTI).  Failure to do so will result in the Employer being fined by HMRC. In addition there are other aspects to take into account, such as sick pay, maternity pay, redundancy, holiday pay and pension payments under the new auto-enrolment regime.  Taxing Carers provide a comprehensive, specialist payroll service that can take care of that hassle.

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