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    My mum loves to read, but she is struggling more and more. She has tried using a magnifying glass and better glasses, but she stills can’t see that well. can anyone suggest anything else, as it’s a great hobby for her and it’s making her miserable



    Hi there,

    How miserable for her. Only suggestsions I can offer are:
    Has she had her eyes checked out to ensure there’s nothing else going on so that any deterioration can be slowed down?
    A lot of books and newspapers now come in big print that can really help.
    RNIB have a big print book and magazine section and loan our books that are delivered to your door – check out their website.
    Failing which, talking books and newspaper are commonly available but .. I know, not the same!
    Good luck


    What about getting her a Kindle. I knew someone who could only read with a large magnify glass, but when he got a kindle and put it on the highest font he could read it clearly. He started devouring books again. Many classics are free as well



    21st century is the era of technology. Use Text to speech technology via ipad this might be helpful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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