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    My poor father after spending 35 years with my mum, taking on her 6 children, working hard to keep a roof over our head and kept us fed and watered. Yet the government upon her death tells him that he has no rights in respect of her upon her death. He is a state pensioner, low income, struggling to cope, yet he’s not entitled to even claim the bereavement fund because they were not married. How sad and perverse is this that our government can possible draw that conclusion. He was even told when registering the death that if we wasn’t present when she dies he could register her death, again because they were not married. He cannot even take action for neglect against the nursing home that so severely neglected her leading to her death, again because they were not married.

    Seriously, is it really so that you have to be married to be bereaved the same as a married person. They lived together as husband and wife, yet upon death this is no longer recognised. This is so cruel, hang your head in shame legislators….



    I am so sorry to hear your story I am sure there must be so many others in the same situation . I think if anyone out there knows people in this situation they need to make them aware


    Windsor Lad

    I think the Law will eventually change as I believe it already has in Scotland.

    What a pity your parents didn’t at least make Wills appointing one another as Executors & Beneficiaries.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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