Should you consider using medical alert ID jewellery?

Medical alert jewellery, in the form of bracelets and necklaces, is frequently used to enable rapid treatment of those who have medical conditions or allergies. Sometimes these medical conditions can leave people in a vulnerable position, where they are unable to communicate to others in an emergency situation

How ID jewellery can help in an emergency

Emergency responders and healthcare professionals are trained to look out for medical alert jewellery. In the case of an emergency situation, or upon arrival to the hospital, one of the routine parts of the evaluation of the critically ill, unconscious, or disoriented patients is to check a person’s pulse points. In these situations, medical ID bracelets can be invaluable, informing of hidden conditions and ensuring treatment is fast and accurate.

The information engraved on a medical alert ID bracelet or necklace is typically clear and concise to help ensure fast diagnosis and treatment. The jewellery details medical information, such as existing conditions, allergies, medications and also the wearer’s wishes regarding their treatment, or if they are a registered organ donor.

Jewellery alternatives, for example stickers placed in the window at home, panic alarms or awareness bottles, which can be placed within the home, are also available. These are helpful should a patient be conscious and alert, or if accompanied by a friend or loved one at the time of an emergency. However, medical alert ID jewellery ensures round the clock protection outside of the home and some medical jewellery providers offer a membership scheme. This type of service has a 24/7 emergency telephone line for emergency personnel to contact to obtain further information should it be required.

Medical jewellery can be attractive to wear

Jewellery can be purchased online through multiple websites, or can be ordered online and through retail outlets. Medical alert jewellery was always thought of as ugly and old-fashioned, but times have changed dramatically over the last few years and there are some really attractive pieces out there.

How medical jewellery helped Brenda

A chance conversation one afternoon led Brenda Weston, 65, to try medical ID jewellery. Following the diagnosis of a variety of allergies, Brenda was recommended to wear a bracelet, so that, in the case of an emergency, her wide-ranging allergies would be known. Brenda decided to join MedicAlert, which has given her and her family huge peace of mind. Having always been an extremely active women in 2013, after enduring several falls and some broken bones, it came as a huge shock when she was given the diagnosis that she had developed osteoporosis. This diagnosis meant that she would be prone to further broken wrists or elbows unless she slowed things down. For Brenda, it then became even more important for her to wear an ID bracelet to help ensure her safety at times in the event of a medical emergency.

You can find out more information on how to purchase a piece of medical alert ID jewellery and 24/7 protection at MedicAlert

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