5 reasons to have a granny flat

A granny flat, also known as a dependent person’s unit or a DPU, is an idea fast becoming popular all over the world

The granny flat is an extension of the house into a yard or open space around the main structure of the house

This is specially created to house the elderly people of the family so that they can stay close to their family while still maintaining their independence

Here are the top five reasons these are a great way to care for the elderly in your family:

1. Your Parents Remain Close to You

  • As they age, parents often experience a lot of emotional insecurity, especially if they have lost their partner. Feelings of loneliness and worthlessness are common in elderly who are retired and alone. Being just in your backyard helps them remain close to you while still retaining their independence. They are taken care of by their family and they remain close to their loved ones.

2. It is Financially Viable

  • A granny flat is a much better alternative to a nursing home or a elder care home. While nursing or retirement homes may be suited to the needs of the elderly, they are an expensive proposition. When the elderly people can be taken care of at home, they do not need to live among strangers and you do not have to spend money to keep them there

3. Your Parents Get the Best Possible Care

  • No one can care for your parents better than you. When they are so close to you, you can easily take care of all their needs and make sure they have everything they want. You can also spend time with them, which is usually what they really need from you the most. You can also benefit from their experience, advice and maturity

4. The Granny Flat can be Designed for Requirements of the Elderly

  • Since you are getting a whole new flat designed for the elder people in your family, you can have all the facilities required by an elderly person. Wider doors, ramps, large bathrooms, flush floors and gadgets that make your elderly relatives’ lives easier can be installed in these flats. The flat is designed to have an easy access to the main house, which is very convenient for the elderly

5. Your Family Life is Less Disrupted

  • Having your elderly family members live with you may often mean that your life gets completely disrupted. When elderly, especially those with special needs, come to live with you, you may have to alter your entire schedule and create a new one focusing on their needs. With a granny flat, your elderly family members remain near you but do not disrupt your life and every one retains their independence

Andy has been blogging about issues related to aging. Andy has published numerous articles on how to care for the elderly and how to make their life better. Aside from blogging, Andy distributes here to nursing homes and aged care institutions.


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