What is assisted living?

07 Jan 15

Assisted living generally means a residential place for older people, who would like or need help…


Holiday options for older people

09 Apr 15

Everyone needs a break from the usual routine and that includes your retired older parents too….

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Mobile apps help monitor older people

20 Jan 15

It’s difficult to persuade older people to have care at home There is a fine line…


Best activities and hobbies for older people

21 Jun 14

When your parent suddenly has more spare time, there is obviously more scope to do some…


Are there better tablets for elderly than iPad?

18 Mar 14

Is it really all about the iPad, or are there better choices? Technology and its tools…


Top apps for the elderly

13 Feb 14

We’ve compiled an extensive list of apps to help care for your parent and to keep…

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Top 10 easy to grow vegetables

22 May 15

Now is the time to think about growing your own vegetables. Cheaper than the supermarket and…

Elderly eye problems

20 May 15

There are several eye problems that become more common among people as they age, although they…

Benefits of pets for older people

Pets may help older people┬álive longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives. You’ve probably noticed that when…

Is your Will fully up-to-date?

19 May 15

Many of us have heard of or experienced firsthand the emotional rollercoaster of being plunged into…

Benefits of Osteopathy for older people

17 May 15

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions in…

Power of Attorney in Scotland

16 May 15

Even your spouse or best friend can’t help you legally without Power of Attorney in Scotland…

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